Gdt Speedster from Dream to Reality

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This is the BLACK & WHITE INTRIOR/SOFT COVER edition. The book is also available in color interior/soft cover and color interior/hard cover. The GDT Speedster is a world famous, award winning, one-of-a-kind sports car. This book tells the story of why and how a team of nine automotive professionals designed and built this work of art from scratch. The team members are all ""car guys"" who longed to build a special car without the encumbrances of corporate bureaucracy. This book describes the planning, designing and building actions the team took to crate the GDT Speedster. More than 260 photos, engineering drawings and diagrams are included that clearly explain essentially every aspect of the enormous, 6 year project. The book lists the complete vehicle performance and dimensional specifications. It also includes the important but seldom discussed topic of fabrication cost.

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