1421. The Year China Discovered the World

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An account of the voyage of Emperor Zhu Di's fleet and the remarkable discoveries they made. The result of 15 years of research, hardback sales have reached over 60,000. "... an intriguing and highly persuasive thesis, told with passion and energy" "Evening Standard"


Gavin Menzies (Royal Navy Submarine Commanding Officer, retired) was born in 1937 in China, where he spent the first two years of his life. He joined the Royal Navy in 1953 and served in submarines from 1959 to 1970. As a junior officer he sailed the world in the wake of Columbus, Dias, Cabral and Vasco da Gama. When in command of HMS Rorqual (1968-1970), he sailed the routes pioneered by Magellan and Captain Cook. Since leaving the Royal Navy, he has returned to China and the Far East many times, and in the course of researching 1421 he has visited 120 countries, over 900 museums and libraries and every major sea port of the late Middle Ages. Gavin Menzies is married with two daughters and lives in North London.


"Menzies has come up with something entirely new... it is a startling claim" Guardian "Exhaustively researched... an intriguing and highly persuasive thesis, told with passion and energy" Evening Standard "Popular history at its best" The Times "A book as engrossing as any adventure story" Daily Mail
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