Landscapes of Devils-PB

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Dezember 2004



Examines the inscription of historical forces in the senses of place of the Tobas, an indigenous people of the Argentinean Chaco region whose recent history has been torn between exploitation in sugar plantations and relative autonomy in the bush.


Gaston R. Gordillo is Assistant Professor of Anthropology at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver. He is coauthor of "El rio y la frontera: movilizaciones aborigenes, obras publicas y ""mercosur"" en el Pilcomayo."


"Gaston R. Gordillo has written a superb book about the complex, contradictory world of the Toba of the Argentinean Chaco. Especially memorable is the manner in which he demonstrates the contextual, shifting nature of the meaning of the various places and spaces, activities and imaginings, figures and fetishes that have made up the Toba world ever since the time of the 'ancient ones;' this to unravel the historical experiences, and the memories, that configure everyday practices in a world beset by devils--and by some of the less enviable effects of an especially avaricious capitalist economy on its contract laborers. While it is situated in a remote part of South America, this is a work of global importance in both its historical and its theoretical reach."--John Comaroff, University of Chicago
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