Fifteen Minutes of Fame

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Dezember 2004



Should a journalist ever become a participant in the story he is covering? That's the ethical dilemma facing Clint Stockton in "Fifteen Minutes of Fame," the exciting first novel by Gary Watson. Clint, top reporter for the Advocate, a second-rate daily newspaper in Atlanta, is already at odds with his wife over his job when he begins following two murder investigations - the beating of a homeless man on a downtown street, and the shootings of three big-rig truck drivers. As his workload mounts and his personal life becomes even more stressful, Clint uncovers information about the killings that brings him to a choice. Does he remain merely a reporter who covers the news, or does he get involved and end up making the news? His career, his relationships, resolution of the crimes and even life and death are on the line as Clint struggles to make his decision.

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