Test Smart!: Ready-To-Use Test-Taking Strategies and Activities for Grades 5-12

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This unique resource gives classroom teachers and contents specialists in grades 5-12 a ready-to-use activities program to teach and reinforce students skills in taking a wide variety of standardized and teacher-made tests in the areas of reading, language, and writing. Each skills is introduced on a strategy page which may be reproduced as a student handout and is followed by one or more reproducible worksheets for practice in that skill. The strategy page presents the specific skill stressed . and explanation of the skill, an example, and a related testing tip. The worksheet(s) provide a model for you to develop similar activities. All materials are printed in a big 8 1/4" x 11" format for easy photocopying of the strategy and activity pages, and are organized into four sections: "GENERAL TEST-TAKING STRATEGIES: " Section 1 features 14 illustrated reproducibles that teach and reinforce skills in preparing for and taking tests, for example, Approaching the Test, Filling Out the Answer Sheet, Following Directions, Testing Format and Narrowing the Odds. "READING/VOVABULARY/COMPREHENSION STRATEGIES: " Section 2 focuses on aspects of reading traditionally found in standardezed and classroom tests. It is packed with 63 strategy and activity pages featuring vocabulary— analogies, synonyms, antonyms and word parts— and comprehensive— main idea, sequence, and drawing conclusions. Included are activities such as Recognizing Relationships in Analogies ... Decoding Unfamiliar Words ... and Sequencing Ideas. "SPELLING/MECHANICS/USAGE STRATEGIES: " Section 3 presents 27 reproducible strategy and activity pages to help students consider the form and content oftest items in spelling and the conventions of langauge, including proofreading, capitalization, punctuation, and usage. Sample titles are Proofreading to Fin the Error ... Recognizing Correct Spelling ... Identifying Capitalization and Identifying Usage Errors. "WRITING


Gary W. Abbamont, B.A. Rutgers University, M.A. Teachers College, has taught social studies and language arts for the past 23 years at Crossroads Middle School in South Brunswick, NJ. In 1987, he was named "Outstanding Educator" in New Jersey's Teacher Recognition Program.
Antoinette Brescher, B.A., M.A., Kean College, currently teaches science at Gill/St. Bernards School in Bernardsville, NJ. She was the reading consultant and a contributing writer for the Silver Burdett & Ginn Elementary Science series.
The authors also co-authored Study Smart! Ready-to-Use Reading/Study Skills Activities for Grades 5-12 (C.A.R.E., 1990).
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