Martin Luther King and the Rhetoric of Freedom

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Juni 2008



Shows how Martin Luther King, Jr used the biblical story of Exodus to motivate African Americans in their struggle for freedom from racial oppression. This title explains how King constructed a symbolic framework for interpreting the setbacks of the Civil Rights movement, even as he challenged them to remain faithful to the cause.


Preface; Introduction; Rhetoric & Social Movements; Let My People Go: The Exodus in African American Cultural History; The Red Sea Has Opened: King's "Death of Evil on the Seashore" Sermon; Broken Aloose from Egypt: The Exodus in King's Montgomery Bus Boycott Rhetoric; Reaching Out for Canaan: King's "Birth of a New Nation" Sermon; I've Been to the Mountaintop: King as the Movement's Moses; Keep the Movement Moving: The Birmingham Protest; Conclusion; Index.


This book surprises the reader with discoveries that make its theme come alive with a renewed appreciation for how rhetorical subjects are embedded inextricably in the human experience. The writing is simple, clear, engaging, and often even exciting. Gary Selby helps us to grasp the power of rhetoric as a lived, experienced phenomenon. His work draws out King's use of Exodus in a manner that provides unsuspected depth of meaning and understanding.
--Michael Osborn, University of Memphis, Professor Emeritus, Department of Communication
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