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Life is good for Navy Lieutenant Noah Morgan. He has a plum shore duty billet, assigned to teach languages at the Naval Post Graduate School in Monterey, California. He plans to leave the military soon and pursue other interests. But Morgan's life is about to take a strange twist. With his extraordinary gift for foreign languages, Morgan is tapped to participate in a special operations drug raid on an island off the coast of Taiwan. Something goes horribly wrong, and Morgan is the lone survivor. The horrific explosion on Botel Tobago forces an unknown substance into his body, giving him the ability to travel through time. Morgan leaves the military and uses his new gift to research the provenance of antiquities. With good friend Vigil Queenan and assistant Justine Penny, he builds a formidable reputation. But the military appears in his life once again, asking him to use his extraordinary abilities to catch criminals. Morgan is soon pitted against Calvin Dempsey, a criminal mastermind and brilliant psychopath. Dempsey discovers Morgan's secret and wants a piece of it to build an empire, but Morgan and his cohorts cannot let Dempsey succeed, as the clock ticks down on a deadly showdown.

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