Lobbying Reconsidered: Under the Influence

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"Lobbying Reconsidered: Politics Under the Influence," reveals how lobbying is a complex process that involves more than just relationships, friends, access, favors, and influence. This book offers a broader perspective on this important dimension of American public policymaking. " "As a person who straddles the worlds of Washington insider and interest group scholar, author Gary Andres hopes to use his experience and insight in in the lobbying world to help readers navigate beyond the conventional wisdom, and guide them to a deeper, broader understanding.


1. Introduction 2. Foundations of Lobbying 3. The New Advocacy Industry-Growth and Institutionalization in the Lobbying World 4. Governmental Growth and the Advocacy Industry 5. Partisanship and the Advocacy Industry 6. Lobbying in a Hyper Media Age 7. The New Lobbying Toolbox 8. Lobbying and Strategic Choices 9. Lobbying Reconsidered
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