A Guide to Everyday Economic Statistics

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The 7th edition Guide to Everyday Economic Statistics is a handy little guide that can be consulted for clarification whenever any of the statistical series dealt with are encountered. The authors examine how different series are constructed and how we may use them effectively. This guide puts statistics in context, so the reader can see how an individual statistic relates to the larger picture. Because of this, students won't have to read the book consecutively from beginning to end.


Chapter 1: IntroductionChapter 2: Total Output and IncomeChapter 3: Production and GrowthChapter 4: Investment and Capital ExpendituresChapter 5: Employment and UnemploymentChapter 6: Spending, Profits, and ExpectationsChapter 7: Prices, Money, and Interest RatesChapter 8: Stock Prices and International TradeAppendix Chain Weighting

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