Coming to Class: Pedagogy and the Social Class of Teachers

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August 1998



Coming to Class presents twenty-one original essays on the relationship of pedagogical practice to instructors' social class histories.


Class and Classroom, J. Daniels; Digging Deep, L. DeSalvo; 100 Friends and Other Class Issues - Teaching Both In and Out of the Game, J. Ernest; Truth and the Working Classroom, C. Faulkner; Production Values and Composition Instruction - Keeping the Hearth, Keeping the Faith, K. Fitts and A. France; Stupid Clown and the Spirit's Motive -Class Bias in Literary and Composition Studies, O. Frey; Class Conflict in the English Profession, D. Lazere; A Pedagogy of Respect - Teaching as an Ally of Working-Class Students, L. Mackenzie; Academic Life as Middle Ground - a Conversation, C. McDonald and R. McDonald; Seeing Different - a Reflection on Narrative, Abstraction and Talk About Social Class, J. McMillan; Colour and Class, C. Milanes; Intersections of Race and Class in the Academy, B. Moss; Notes from Another Underground -Working-Class Agency and the Educational Process, K. Railey; Living on the Border - Ethotic Conflict and the Satiric Impulse, C. Reeves; Rising and Converging - Race and Class in the South, H. Roskelly; Around the Edges of "The Renaissance" - Queer Consciousness and Class Dysphoria, A. Shapard; Passing - a Family Dissemblance, P. Sullivan; Halfway Back Home, G. Tate; An Introduction to Social Scientific Discussion on Class, V. Villanueva; Class and Comfort - the Slums and the Greens, E. White; The Job, the Job - the Risk of Work and Uses of Text, J. Zandy.
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