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Rather than analyzing women's humor in isolation, "Look Who's Laughing" maps the terrain that the genders share and the areas that each holds exclusively. The book's twenty essays investigate witty heroines, sexual parodies, domestic humor, and romantic comedies, as well as erotic language, sexual jokes, and humor-charged expressions of power. With its emphasis on the roles that gender plays in the creation, reception, and interpretation of comic art, "Look Who's Laughing" looks critically at generic and gender diversity as well as comedy's underlying unities.


Drama; fiction; film; stand-up comedy; cartoon art.


"'So-how often does a book of 'lit crit' make you giggle, snicker, snort, titter, and chuckle, while admiring its sagacity and perspicacity? Look Who's Laughing has jokes, wisdom, wit, stand-up comedy, anarchy, Roseanne, and Mae West. Who could ask for anything more?'."
-Emily Toth of Southern Louisiana State University
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