Studies in Tudor and Stuart Politics and Government: Volume 2, Parliament Political Thought: Papers and Reviews 1946 1972

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The papers collected in these volumes revolve around the political, constitutional and personal problems of the English government between the end of the fifteenth-century civil wars and the beginning of those of the seventeenth century. Previously published in a great variety of places, none of them appeared in book form before. They are arranged in four groups (Tudor Politics and Tudor Government in Volume I, Parliament and Political Thought in Volume II) but these groups interlock. Though written in the course of some two decades, all the pieces bear variously on the same body of major issues and often illuminate details only touched upon in Professor Elton's books. Several investigate the received preconceptions of historians and suggest new ways of approaching familiar subjects. They are reprinted unaltered, but some new footnotes have been added to correct errors and draw attention to later developments.


Acknowledgments; Abbreviations; Part III. Parliament: 21. Studying the history of Parliament; 22. 'The body of the whole realm': Parliament and representation in medieval and Tudor England; 23. Parliamentary drafts 1529-1540; 24. The evolution of a Reformation statute; 25. The Commons' supplication of 1532: Parliamentary manoeuvres in the reign of Henry VIII; 26. An Early Tudor poor law; 27. The Stuart century; 28. A high road to Civil War?; 29. The unexplained revolution; Part IV. Political Thought: 30. The divine right of Kings; 31. The political creed of Thomas Cromwell; 32. Reform by statute: Thomas Starkey's Dialogue and Thomas Cromwell's Policy; General index; Index of authors cited.
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