Rethinking Information Work: A Career Guide for Librarians and Other Information Professionals

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September 2006



Today, information work offers you an unprecedented number of career options. Whether you are a student, taking your first steps in librarianship, a mid-careerist planning your next best professional move, or a seasoned information professional looking for new directions and growth; this practical guide can help you sort through the options. Leading you through a process of planning the information career of your choice, it shows you how to determine what type of work would be most fulfilling to you, explores what types of work are available to those with an LIS-based skill set, and helps you create an action plan for accomplishing your career goals and reaching your full professional potential.


G. Kim Dority is adjunct faculty at University of Denver's Graduate Library School.


"[E]ncourages readers to plan their careers with an understanding of ongoing changes in information work and the broad range of options open to information professionals, leveraging skills and strengths to meet either traditional or nontraditional career goals. The topics include self-knowledge in terms of career planning, identifying paths (traditional, nontraditional, independent), creating a portfolio, growing a career, thriving on change, creating a career map, and taking charge of your own career. A focus on rethinking what we know and do and putting this in terms that will resonate with nonlibrarians is particularly useful, as is an emphasis on proactively and continuously acquiring new skills and knowledge. Exercises and practical suggestions throughout help readers identify goals and steps they need to take, while extensive annotated resources point to further information. This title belongs on the shelf of every LIS student and new librarian; highly recommended for all professional collections." - Library Journal, Starred Review
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