The Tudors Lady Jane Grey to Elizabeth I

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November 2010



For the first time in decades, a fresh look at the fabled Tudor dynasty, comprising some of the most enigmatic figures ever to rule England. Acclaimed historian G. J. Meyer reveals the flesh-and-bone reality in all its wild excess.


G. J. Meyer is a former Woodrow Wilson and Harvard University Fellow with an M.A. in English literature. His other books include A WORLD UNDONE: THE STORY OF THE GREAT WAR ('Magnificent - researched to the last possible dot' THE WASHINGTON TIMES, 'Masterful - has an instructive value than can scarcely be measured' LOS ANGELES TIMES, 'A worthy counterpoint to Hew Strachan's magisterial three-volume scholarly project' PUBLISHERS WEEKLY). He lives in Goring-on-Thames.


'A sweeping history of the gloriously infamous Tudor era. Unlike the somewhat ponderous biographies of the Henrys, Elizabeths and Boleyns that seem to pop up perennially, Meyer displays some flashy, fresh irreverence - Energetic and comprehensive.' KIRKUS REVIEW 'History buffs will savour Meyer's cheeky, nuanced, and authoritative perspective on an entire dynasty, and his study brims with enriching background' PUBLISHERS WEEKLY
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Untertitel: The Complete Story of England's Most Notorious Dynasty. 60 Abbildungen. Sprache: Englisch.
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