Algebraic Groups and Lie Groups

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August 2005



This volume contains original research articles by many of the world's leading researchers in algebraic and Lie groups.


1. Class functions, conjugacy classes and commutators in semisimple Lie theory A. Borel; 2. Curves and divisors in spherical varieties M. Brion; 3. The phylon group and statistics A. Carey, P. Jupp and M. K. Murray; 4. The span of the tangent cones of a Schubert variety J. Carrell; 5. Canonical bases, reduced words and Lusztig's piecewise-linear function R. Carter; 6. Geometric rationality of Satake compactifications W. A. Casselman; 7. Graded and non-graded Kazhdan-Lusztig theories E. Cline, B. Parshall and L. Scott; 8. Quantum Schubert cells and representations at roots of 1 C. de Concini and C. Procesi; 9. Purity and equivariant weight polynomials A. Dimca and G. Lehrer; 10. The restriction of the regular module for a quantum group S. Donkin; 11. On coefficients in Kazhdan-Lusztig polynomials M. Dyer; 12. Spectral estimates for positive Rocklands operators A. F. M. Ter Elst and D. W. Robinson; 13. Factorization of certain exponentials in Lie groups C. K. Fan and G. Lusztig; 14. Symmetry breaking for equivariant maps M. Field; 15. Low dimensional representations of reductive groups J. C. Jantzen; 16. Grosses cellules pour les varietes spheriques D. Luna; 17. Total positivity and canonical bases G. Lusztig; 18. On the number of orbits of a parabolic subgroup on its unipotent radical V. Popov and G. Rohrle; 19. On a homomorphism of Harish-Chandra G. W. Schwarz; 20. Two notes on a finiteness problem in the representation theory of finite groups P. Slodowy; 21. A description of B-orbits on symmetric varieties T. A. Springer; 22. Nagata's example R. Steinberg.
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