Face 2 Face

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November 2007



Life is tough. It can get really rough sometimes with the mixed emotions of anger, love, doubts, and so much more. I believe that a man with a blank mind is a man that believes he has the answers to life's challenges. However, like many, questions are for those that want to get somewhere in life. It is yet more wonderful when the individual does not give up amidst the confusions of life. This book is a selection of poems compiled from my early teen period till now, my mid twenties. I had questions and I humbly say I get answers from God when I get face to face with Him. These poems are to lift us up by the taste of love, worship and praises to our Creator. which really are the sources to the answers we need in life. These are the keys that have been getting me through life with a smile. Through these, I am able to love myself and able to see the beauty in others.

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