Cookeville and Putnam County

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August 2008



The story of Putnam County is a twice-told tale. After its original establishment in 1842 was declared unconstitutional, the county was reestablished in 1854. The county seat of Cookeville was named in honor of War of 1812 veteran and Tennessee state senator Richard F. Cooke, and the county name was adopted in honor of Revolutionary War veteran Gen. Israel Putnam. Relatively isolated until 1890 with the coming of the Tennessee Central Railroad, Cookeville and Putnam County have grown into a vibrant hub for the 14-county Upper Cumberland region of Tennessee. Located on the scenic Highland Rim some 70 miles east of Nashville, Cookeville has become a top retirement area with access to regional medical facilities, the Tennessee Technological University, and other amenities. Through the use of photographs from archival sources and private collections, Images of America: Cookeville and Putnam County captures the small town atmosphere and appealing qualities of this unique area of the Upper South.

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