Human, All Too Human I / A Book for Free Spirits: A Book for Free Spirits, Volume 3

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This new translation is part of a twenty-volume English-language edition of The Complete Works of Friedrich Nietzsche, the first complete, critical, and annotated translation of all of Nietzsche's work. The Stanford edition is based on the Colli-Montinari edition, which has received universal praise: "It has revolutionized our understanding of one of the greatest German thinkers"; "Scholars can be confident for the first time of having a trustworthy text".This volume of Human, All Too Human, the first of two parts, is the earliest of Nietzsche's works in which his philosophical concerns and methodologies can be glimpsed. In this work Nietzsche began to establish the intellectual difference from his own cultural milieu and time that makes him our contemporary. Published in 1878, it marks both a stylistic and an intellectual shift away from Nietzsche's own youthful affiliation with Romantic excesses of German thought and culture typified by Wagnerian opera.Although influenced by Nietzsche's readings of Voltaire and La Rochefoucauld and their impact upon his closest interlocutor of this period, Paul Ree, Human, All Too Human already treads a distinctive path. It bends their aphoristic style, with Nietzschean flair, to the service of more rigorously sustained philosophical analyses and reorients their psychological approaches toward the essentially historical methodology that Nietzsche would later term genealogy.


Preface; 1. Of the first and last things; 2. On the history of the moral sensations; 3. The religious life; 4. From the souls of artists and writers; 5. Signs of higher and lower culture; 6. In relations with others; 7. Woman and child; 8. A glance at the state; 9. By oneself alone; Among friends: an epilogue.
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