Residential Child Care and Its Alternatives

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Child and youth care needs to be professionalised. This text discusses policies, theory and societal developments such as transforming government services for children; UK's contribution to child care research and policy development; and a holistic approach to child welfare.


CONTENTS: Foreword: FICE; Acknowledgements; List of contributors;
1. Introduction: Residential child care and its alternatives: Professional approaches in a discursive field;
2. Residential child care in European countries: Recent trends;
3. Residential communities as a secure base;
4. The contribution of the UK to child care policy, practice and research;
5. Structural dynamics in society and innovations in the German residential care system;
6. Transforming government services for children and families or 'Why non-reductionist policy, research and practice are almost too difficult to be tackled but too important to be left alone';
7. The professionalism of child and youth care practice: Professionalising social pedagogy: From practice to theory and back to practice;
8. The rehabilitation process for children and the role of the family;
9. Preserving and rehabilitating family relationships in residential group care;
10. Participation of children and youth in residential child care as a matter of quality: Insights into results of a practice development project;
11. The care system for homeless youth in the Netherlands: Perceptions of youngsters through a peer-research approach; Notes.


Dr Friedhelm Peters is Professor at Erfurt University, Germany.


"The book is a valuable contribution to the study of the ever changing and developing world of residential care for children and young people... I think this book will certainly be of value and interest to anyone working in the field of residential childcare or in related fields." Irish Journal of Applied Social Studies, Volume 9, Issue 1
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