Facing East

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Februar 2006



Guides readers through the icons, incense, and unfamiliar sacraments, rituals, and rites of the Eastern Church. In the tradition of Kathleen Norris's THE CLOISTER WALK, this luminous chronicle of one woman's encounter with the ancient faith of Eastern Orthodoxy lifts a veil to show its enduring grace and power.


Frederica Mathewes-Green is the author of numerous books about early and Eastern Christian spirituality and the Orthdox Church. She is a columnist for, a commentator on National Public Radio, and writes movie reviews for National Review Online.


"A mine of information about the customs and spiritual life of the Orthodox church..."--Kirkus Reviews
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Untertitel: A Pilgrim's Journey Into the Mysteries of Orthodoxy. 335:B&W 5. 25 x 8 in or 203 x 133mm Perfect Bound on 45lb Creme Groundwood w/Gloss Lam. Sprache: Englisch.
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