Social Work Values and Ethics

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This is the leading introduction to professional values and ethics in social work. Frederic G. Reamer provides social workers with a succinct and comprehensive overview of the most critical issues relating to professional values and ethics, including the nature of social work values, ethical dilemmas, and professional misconduct. Conceptually rich and attuned to the complexities of ethical decision making, Social Work Values and Ethics is unique in striking the right balance between history, theory, and practical application.For the third edition, Reamer has updated the content and strengthened the relevance of the case material. Also new to the third edition:o Discussion of the moral dialogue between practitioner and client
o Coverage of virtue ethics
o Practical discussion of concepts underlying social work ethics
o Expanded application of the National Association of Social Workers Code of
Ethics to ethical dilemmas in the profession
o A look at the historical evolution of ethical standards in social work
o New vignettes, illustrating difficult ethical decisions
o More guidance on informed consent and termination of services
o Discussion questions at the end of each chapter
o A section on how to conduct a social work ethics audit


1. Social Work Values and Ethics: An Overview
2. Social Work Values
3. Ethical Dilemmas and Decision Making: A Framework
4. Ethical Dilemmas in Social Work: Direct Practice
5. Ethical Dilemmas in Social Work: Indirect Practice
6. Ethics Risk Management and Ethical Misconduct


Frederic G. Reamer


A vital reference source for contemporary practice. -- Beverley J. Antle Canadian Association of Social Workers Bulletin 4/1/07
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