Ships for Victory: A History of Shipbuilding Under the U.S. Maritime Commission in World War II

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August 2001



The most comprehensive study of America's shipbuilding industry during World War II.


Contents: Preface to the 2001 Edition, by Arthur Donovan Preface to the 1951 Edition
Chapter 1: The Commission and the Shipbuilding Industry
Chapter 2: Emergency Shipbuilding before the Declaration of War
Chapter 3: Design and Initial Procurement for the Liberty Ship
Chapter 4: Contracts with Shipbuilders and Their Supervision
Chapter 5: Expansion and Reorganization after Pearl Harbor
Chapter 6: Excess Capacity and the Cancellation of the Higgins Contract
Chapter 7: Speed and Productivity in Multiple Production
Chapter 8: Building the Labor Forc e
Chapter 9: Collective Bargaining
Chapter 10: The Battle for Steel
Chapter 11: Guiding the Flow of Materials
Chapter 12: Increasing the Supplies of Components
Chapter 13:Stabilization and Morale in the Labor Force
Chapter 14: Managing Managements
Chapter 15: Changing Managements
Chapter 16: Cracks in Welded Ships
Chapter 17: The Victory Ship
Chapter 18: Military and Minor Type s
Chapter 19: The Contrast between 1943 and 1944
Chapter 20: The Manpower and Managerial Crisis
Chapter 21: Administrative Problems-(A) The Regional Offices
Chapter 22: Administrative Problems-(B) The Flow of Mone y
Chapter 23: Administrative Problems-(C) The Commission and the War Shipping Administration
Chapter 24: Adventures in Hindsight Biographical Note Index


Frederic C. Lane (1900-1984) was a noted maritime historian of medieval and Renaissance Venice. Among his many books are Venetian Ships and Shipbuilders of the Renaissance and Venice, A Maritime Republic, both available from Johns Hopkins. Arthur Donovan is a professor of humanities at the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy.


Tells the story of the gigantic task accomplished by American shipyards during World War II... This important book shows how the development of streamlined methods of construction made possible standards of production which would have seemed fantastic only a few years before. Publishers Weekly An excellent and very readable account of the U.S. Maritime Commission's experience... The volume is thoroughly documented; the authors are always thoughtful of the reader in explaining technical shipping terms; and the approach is dispassionate, frank, and duly critical. The volume represents a fine addition to our wartime administrative histories. American Political Science Review Lane has done a pioneering job in this scholarly and monumental history of shipbuilding under the U.S. Maritime Commission in World War II... Not only a highly informative but an absorbing book. Evening Sun (Baltimore) A warts and all account of an economic and manufacturing miracle. A brilliant book. Work Boat World 2004 This excellent book describe the whole programme in great detail. Asia Pacific Shipping 2004
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