Living for God: Eighteenth-Century Dutch Pietist Autobiography

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This book describes all aspects of daily religious life of pious Reformed people in the Netherlands between 1720-1820 on the basis of the autobiographies of 14 men and 6 women. Sources are explored thematically, with each chapter describing one section of Pietist life.


Part 1 Editor's Preface Part 2 Foreword Part 3 Acknowledgments Chapter 4 1. Pietistic Personal Pocuments Chapter 5 2. Historical Background Chapter 6 3. Twenty Lives of Godly Men and Women Chapter 7 4. Youth and Vanity Chapter 8 5. From Crisis to Christ Chapter 9 6. The Experience of the Saints Chapter 10 7. One in Heart, Soul and Flesh Chapter 11 8. The Large Church and the Small Church Chapter 12 9. In the World but Not of the World Chapter 13 10. In Word, Walk and Writing Part 14 Primary Bibliography Part 15 Secondary Bibliography I: Pietist Autobiography Part 16 Secondary Bibliography II: Dutch Pietism Part 17 Index of Names Part 18 About the Author


Fred van Lieburg is professor of Protestant history at the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam and co-director of ReLiC, the VU Centre for Dutch Religious History.


In this study of the international pietist movement as in appeared amongst Dutch Calvinists and the Reformed Church in Holland, van Lieburg (Protestant history, Vrije U., Amsterdam) notes that Dutch pietism was a major influence in Eastern Europe and Scandinavia and in fact held its own beside England and Germany. He uses the personal accounts of 14 men and six women to explain how they came to their practices and beliefs about youth and vanity, the conversion process, the experience of the saints, marriage, the concept of the church, the world, and the Word, the Walk and writing. Reference and Research Book News, August 2006 The author is to be commended and thanked for such an important contruibution to an illuminating and important series. Calvin Theological Journal, April 2007 (vol 42, no 1)
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