The Predator Culture: The Systemic Roots and Intent of Organised Violence

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Juni 2010



Drawing on case studies of organized violence--ranging from territorial wars and colonial conquests to non-state variants such as organized crime--this record offers a general theory to account for the use of force in both the state and civil sectors of society. Challenging the popular views that the dominant forms of violence are due to failings of human nature, this volume suggests that the laws and institutions favoring an approach to property rights that encourage rent seeking are responsible. Addressing issues such as genocide and the gap between the rich and poor, this record proposes policies to dismantle the incentives that nurture the resort to violence by redistributing power to the individual.


Fred Harrison is Research Director of Land Research Trust, London. After a career as a Fleet Street investigative journalist, he was a consultant to a number of Russian academic and political bodies, including the Duma (parliament), in their efforts to implement a more equitable transition to a market economy. Recently he has turned his attention to the failure of economic analysis and public policies in the market economies.


You can become wealthy by creating wealth or by appropriating the wealth created by other people. When the appropriation of the wealth is illegal it is called theft or fraud. When it is legal economists call it rent-seeking -- John Kay Financial Times A new book by Fred Harrison The Predator Culture is another one of his to be read and re-read... A revealing book for anyone owning or trading property, in land development or associated occupations such as banking - anywhere in the world.' The Free Lunch This is a very important book... Read The Predator Culture and gain insight for solutions to troubles in distant lands, as well as in your own. Let us hope Heads of State, Finance Ministers and Foreign Secretaries everywhere are told about this book.' Reader review, Amazon
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