Term Rewriting and All That

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August 1999



Unified and self-contained introduction to term-rewriting; suited for students or professionals.


Preface; 1. Motivating examples; 2. Abstract reduction systems; 3. Universal algebra; 4. Equational problems; 5. Termination; 6. Confluence; 7. Completion; 8. Grobner bases and Buchberger's algorithm; 9. Combination problems; 10. Equational unification; 11. Extensions; Appendix 1. Ordered sets; Appendix 2. A bluffer's guide to ML; Bibliography; Index.


'... a welcome and important addition to the library of any researcher interested in theoretical computer science. It provides a thorough grounding in the subject in a clear style, and gives plenty of indications of further directions, including an extensive bibliography'. The Computer Journal '... a well-balanced textbook ... presenting the subject in a unified and systematic manner.' H. Herre, Zentralblatt MATH '... a highly welcome addition to the literature on term rewriting ... It is very readable, well written and likeable book. it should be of great value to students and researchers alike.' Jan Willem Klop, Journal of Functioning Programming
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