Les Mains Jointes Et Autres Poemes 1905-1932: A Critical Edition

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Juni 2004



Les Mains jointes (1909) was the collection of poetry that launched the long career of Nobel Prize-winning author Francois Mauriac (1885-1970). This critical edition provides the first ever overview of the volume's complex textual history (spanning four decades). Drawing on Mauriac's unpublished cahiers de jeunesse, Paul Cooke challenges the author's claim that the majority of the poems in the collection were written while he was still at school. A selection of additional poems published between 1905 and 1923 (some of which have remained hidden for nearly a century) allows the reader to situate Les Mains jointes in relation to Mauriac's wider verse output. In his Introduction, Cooke both explores the genesis and history of Les Mains jointes and offers some analysis of Mauriac's style as a poet.


Sigles et abreviations, vii; Introduction, ix; Remerciements, xxix; LES MAINS JOINTES; I L'ECOLIER; L'Ecolier, 5; L'Ame ancienne, 6; Ami d'enfance, 7; Grandes vacances, 8; Vacances de Paques, 11; II L'ETUDIANT; Depart, 15; [L'Etudiant] I, 15; [L'Etudiant] II, 16; [L'Etudiant] III, 16; [L'Etudiant] IV, 17; Evocation, 17; III L'AMI; [L'Ami] I, 21; [L'Ami] II, 21; A un apotre, 22; Le Vaincu, 23; Souvenir, 24; Le Desert, 25; Trahison, 26; Veillees, 27; Chanson, 28; Contrition, 29; Le Dernier Soir, 29. IV UNE RETRAITE; Une retraite, 33; I: Les Livres, 33; II: La Messe, 34; III: L'Examen particulier, 34; Le Sens de la vie, 36; Les Sables, 37; Le Desastre, 38; La Pecheresse, 39; Faiblesse, 40; L'Immuable, 40; L'Inconnu, 41; L'Illusion, 42; La Peine, 43; A la memoire de R. L., 43; AUTRES POEMES (1905-1923); [Confidences], 47; Intellectuels, 50; L'Abandon, 51; La Maddalena de G. Bellini, 52; Nocturne, 53; Elegie, 54; Les Morts du printemps, 58; Poemes [1921]; [I], 63; [II], 64; [III], 64; [IV], 65; Cybele possedee, 66; Fils du ciel, 67; Ganymede, 68; Delectation, 68; DOSSIER; Notes et variantes, 73; Bibliographie, 110.


Francois Mauriac (1885-1970) is best known for his novels, many of which have been translated into English: Therese Desqueyroux, Le Noeud de viperes, Le Myste Frontenac among them. His novels are still widely read by students and others; his poetry is less well known outside France, although it is now the subject of a revival of interest. Paul Cooke is Senior Lecturer in French at the University of Exeter, where he teaches and researched mainly in the area of nineteenth- and twentieth-century French literature. He is the author/editor of Mauriac: the Poetry of a Novelist (forthcoming); Mauriac et le mythe du poete: une lecture du 'Mystere Frontenac' (1999); (Un)Faithful Texts? Religion in French and Francophone Literature from the 1780s to the 1980s (with Jane Lee, 2000).
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