The Illustrated History of Christianity

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Franklin Littell's method in "The Illustrated History of Christianity" is best conveyed by the term "confrontation." He highlights those times and places of crisis and decision in which the shape and direction of the Christian movement was determined. Particular attention is paid to the interaction of Christians and Jews and to the encounter of Christianity and Islam.


Early Christianity in its setting; the world of the Jews; the world of the Greeks; the Greco-Roman world; the Christian Roman Empire; Christianity become official; division of the Christian Imperium; the empire of Charlemagne and his successors; disintegration of the Carolingian Empire; papal efforts at integration; disintegration of papal authority; rebellion in Latin Christendom; the magisterial reformation and reformers; wars of religion; imperial and national efforts at reintegration; European Christendom in the Age of Colonialism; the Age of Personal Decision; Christianity and ideology; religions in America; the great century of Christian missions; the ecumenical movement; new perspectives; destruction and renewal.
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