Collection Development Policies: Academic, Public, and Special Libraries

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August 2005



This book represents an ongoing effort to fill the void in the library literature relating to collection development policies. The authors, whose experience each spans four decades as library educators and practitioners, created the book_as well as a forthcoming companion volume devoted to school libraries_to assist both library school students and professionals in the field in the compilation, revision, and implementation of collection development policies. Cutting edge trends such as digital document delivery and library cooperation are also covered.


Part 1 Acknowledgments Part 2 Preface Part 3 Introduction Part 4 PART 1: COMPONENTS OF COLLECTION DEVELOPMENT POLICIES Chapter 5 1. Introduction to Collection Development Policy Components Chapter 6 2. Purpose Statements in Policies Chapter 7 3. Background Statements in Policies Chapter 8 4. Responsibility Statements in Policies Chapter 9 5. Mission, Goal, and Objective Statements in Policies Chapter 10 6. Target Audience Identification in Policies Chapter 11 7. Budget Allocation and Funding Statements in Policies Chapter 12 8. Evaluative Criteria Identified in Policies Chapter 13 9. Format Statements in Policies Chapter 14 10. Government Publication Sections in Policies Chapter 15 11. Treatment of Specific Resources Identified in Policies Chapter 16 12. Special Collection Statements in Policies Chapter 17 13. Resource Sharing Statements in Policies Chapter 18 14. Services Identified in Policies Chapter 19 15. Selection Aids Identified in Policies Chapter 20 16. Copyright Statements in Policies Chapter 21 17. Intellectual Freedom Statements in Policies Chapter 22 18. Acquisition Methods Identified in Policies Chapter 23 19. Gift and Exchange Statements in Policies Chapter 24 20. Collection Maintenance Identified in Policies Chapter 25 21. Weeding Statements in Policies Chapter 26 22. Collection Evaluation Sections in Policies Chapter 27 23. Policy Revision Statements in Policies Chapter 28 24. Definition of Terms and Glossaries in Policies Chapter 29 25. Bibliographies in Policies Chapter 30 26. Appendixes in Policies Part 31 PART 2: VIRTUAL COLLECTION DEVELOPMENT Chapter 32 27. Introduction to Virtual Collection Development Chapter 33 28. Policy Components for Online Electronic Resources Chapter 34 29. Discussion of Recent Issues Chapter 35 30. Sample Policies Chapter 36 31. Resource Sharing in the Digital Age: An Integrative Perspective Part 37 Appendix A: Inventory of Excerpted Library Policies Part 38 Appendix B: Intellectual Freedom Statements and Forms Part 39 Bibliography Part 40 Index Part 41 About the Authors


Frank W. Hoffmann is professor of library science at Sam Houston State University. He has worked in libraries in Indiana, Tennessee, and Pennsylvania and has written over thirty books relating to librarianship and popular music, including more than a dozen titles for Scarecrow Press. Richard J. Wood is director of university libraries at the University of South Alabama and was formerly the director of university libraries at the Citadel and Sam Houston State University.


...examines the typical elements in collection policies (such as evaluative criteria, resource sharing statements, and acquisition methods) and offers many examples of each from academic and special libraries. A section on virtual collections (electronic resources and resource sharing) discusses the issues involved with nontraditional acquisitions. College & Research Libraries News The book is well organized and easy to excellent resource for both beginners and experienced collection management professionals...This volume would be a valuable addition to the professional collections of academic, public, and special libraries and is highly recommended. Reference and User Services Quarterly, Vol. 45, No. 3, Spring 2006 Hoffmann (library science, Sam Houston State University) and Wood (director of libraries, U. of South Alabama, Mobile) compile a guide for students and librarians on collection practices, incorporating issues and methods spawned by the internet and electronic publishing. The focus is on university, public, and special libraries; a similar book on school libraries is forthcoming, and both are scions of the 1996 Library Collection Development Policies: A Reference and Writer's Handbook. The first part focuses on creating a "blueprint" for a library's holdings. The second part (which includes a chapter by Jane Pearlmutter on resource sharing) looks at developments in electronic collections. The volume incorporates samples, contact information for libraries whose policies were quoted in the book, and intellectual freedom statements and forms. Reference and Research Book News
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