Eugene A. Forsey

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Februar 2004



In this unusual biography of one of Canada's most well-known public figures, author Frank Milligan traces the intellectual foundations on which Eugene Forsey's world-view was constructed. Starting with his middle-class Ottawa upbringing, Forsey's philosop


Frank Milligan earned his PhD from the University of Alberta. He was the founding director of the Reynolds Alberta Museum and director of the New Brunswick Museum. Since 1998, he has been director of the Nantucket Historical Association and its properties.


This is no mere collection of family anecdotes and reminiscence, nor is it a volume of collected works, though it does include many pieces of Eugene Forseys writings. It is a scholarly work, well-researched and erudite, that combines the expected personal insights of a daughter writing about her father with an objective exploration of the work of a man well-known and significant to our history. -, blog posting June 2012
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