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"McCourt has created an unsparing portrait of a man, and a time, that's richer and more devastating than his earlier work. 'Tis is a better book than Angela's Ashes " ( Esquire). Angela's Ashes , Frank McCourt's poignant memoir of his Irish childhood, left readers and critics alike wanting to hear more about this brilliant raconteur's incredible life. Picking up where that Pulitzer Prize winner left off, 'Tis begins in 1949-when nineteen-year-old Frank arrives in America with dreams of a better life-and tracks his journey from impoverished immigrant with rotten teeth, infected eyes, and no formal education to college-educated schoolteacher. It is a tale of survival as vivid, harrowing, and often hilarious as Angela's Ashes , for Frank had the same invincible spirit at nineteen that he had at eight and still has today.


Frank McCourt wurde 1930 in Brooklyn in New York als Kind irischer Einwanderer geboren, wuchs in Limerick in Irland auf und kehrte 1949 nach Amerika zurück. Dreißig Jahre lang hat er an New Yorker High Schools unterrichtet. Für sein erstes Buch, "Die Asche meiner Mutter", 1996 erschienen, erhielt er den Pulitzerpreis, den National Book Critics Circle Award und den L.A. Times Book Award. Frank McCourt verstarb im Juli 2009.


Peter Collier Los Angeles Times Book Review 'Tis has those elements that made Angela's Ashes such a success -- the narrative brio, the fierce sympathy for human tie and torment, the intuitive feel for character and above all the love of language.
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Untertitel: The sequel to Angela's Ashes. Sprache: Englisch.
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