Contesting Cultural Authority: Essays in Victorian Intellectual Life

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April 2008



A volume of essays which constitutes a major overview of the Victorian intellectual enterprise.


Preface; Part I. Shifting Boundaries: 1. The religious and the secular in Victorian Britain; 2. Cultural apostasy and the foundations of Victorian intellectual life; 3. The crisis of faith and the faith that was lost; 4. The secularization of the social vision of British natural theology; Part II. Science and the Wider Culture: 5. Victorian scientific naturalism and Thomas Carlyle; 6. Rainfall, plagues, and the Prince of Wales; 7. The Victorian conflict between science and religion: a professional dimension; 8. Public science in Britain: 1880-1919; Part III. Moderns and Ancients: 9. British politics and the demise of the Roman public: 1700-1939; 10. Ancient materialism and modern science: Lucretius among the Victorians; 11. Virgil in Victorian classical contexts; 12. The triumph of idealism in Victorian classical studies; Index.


.,."an exceedingly valuable, comprehensive, and readable source for serious students and faculty interested in greater depth, more recent scholarship, and bibliographic reference." Choice
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