The C.S.S. Florida: Her Building and Operations

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Dezember 2002



The dramatic account of a Confederate ship that did millions of dollars' damage to the U.S. merchant marine fleet during the Civil War. Commerce raiders such as the Alabama and the Florida were a successful component of the confederacy's naval campaign against the Union. Devices of a lesser navy, these surface cruisers prowled the coastal seas to engage and interrupt vital commerce of their better-equipped, more powerful adversary. The C.S.S. Florida, in just two cruises before her capture, inflicted significant damage to Union cargo and ships, estimated at more than $4,000,000. The Florida struggled from the beginning. It had to be financed by a breakaway government and built by a neutral Britain, remain supplied by small, out-of-the-way ports of call, and continue on the high seas as a threat to American shipping. Union warships hunting for the Florida caused repeated damage, but the wit and courage of her captains, John Maffitt and Charles Morris, kept her supplied and sound enough to severely weaken American coastal trade. In fact, the U.S. merchant marine fleet was so compromised by its losses to the Confederate raiders and the ensuing high cost of war risk insurance that it never fully recovered its place of prominence. In terms of damage to the economy of the United States, the cruisers were more effective than any other military investment made by the Confederacy. First published in 1965, this new printing offers a popular book in paperback format for the first time.


Frank Lawrence Owsley, Jr. is professor emeritus of history at Auburn University and author of Struggled for the Gulf Borderlands: The Creek Indian War and the Battle of New Orleans, 1812-1815.
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