The Mixe of Oaxaca: Religion, Ritual, and Healing

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"The Mixe of Oaxaca" was the first extensive ethnography of the Mixe, with a special focus on Mixe religious beliefs and rituals and the curing practices associated with them. This book comments on the relationship of Mixe religion to theoretical understandings of present-day Middle American folk religions.


Foreword by Munro S. Edmonson; Preface to the Paperback Edition; Acknowledgments; Introduction 1. Social Organization and Kinship; 2. Subsistence Agriculture; 3. Religious Belief System; 4. Calendrical System; 5. Ritual Behavior; 6. Rites of Passage; 7. Village Festivals; 8. Medical Concepts and Behavior; 9. Postscript Appendixes: A. Mixe Region; B. Mixe Phonemes; C. Mixe TextsNotes; Glossary; Mixe; Spanish and Nahuatl; Literature Cited; Index


"This elegantly written and thoroughly researched ethnography substantially enhances our understanding of this ancient Mesoamerican culture and its present-day expression... It is already rightly considered a classic and fills an immense void in the ethnographic literature for southern Mesoamerica. It is destined to be read and consulted continually and, as a definitive study, should serve as a model for future ethnographies." Ethnohistory "A solid ethnography of Mixe ritual life... Taken as a whole, the book represents a major contribution to an understanding of the Mixes and provides much of the data required to situate their religious beliefs and practices within the framework of Mesoamerican religion in general." Journal of Ritual Studies
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