Adolescent Mothers in Later Life

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November 2002



This study traces the life histories of 300 teenage mothers and their children over a seventeen-year period.


List of tables and figures; Preface; 1. Reassessing adolescent parenthood; 2. Experience in adulthood; 3. Pathways to success in adulthood; 4. The children's experience; 5. The intersecting life courses of adolescent mothers and their children; 6. The life course of adolescent mothers: implications for public policy; Appendices; Bibliography; Index.


"...offers real data rather than intuitive speculation. A model academic inquiry, this careful and convincing work should guide informed policy making." Gilbert Steiner, Brookings Institution " an excellent report of a scientifically valid study group of women who have started having their babies as teens." NOAPP Network "...arguably the most important addition to the social science literature on teenage parenthood to be published in recent years...I cannot imagine a more significant or timely contribution to the debate over the nature and consequences, for the individual and for society, of adolescent pregnancy." Contemporary Psychology "Landmark study of the long-term consequences for mothers and children of early childbearing." Harvard Magazine "...a valuable resource book, supplemented with figures that aid in deciphering the text and some quotations from the research subjects that help to show us the practical, human side of the phenomena being studied." Susan Kalma, Journal of Sex Education and Therapy "...offers new insights into the connections between mothers' careers and the development of their children." Family Therapy
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