Gospel of the Toltecs: The Life and Teachings of Quetzalcoatl

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Juni 2002



The author has gathered Nahua and Maya codexes, Spanish chronicles of conquest, and native oral tradition to recount the life of Quetzalcoatl: his temptation and fall; his initiation with sacred mushrooms; his long journey in search of spiritual enlightenment; his triumphant return to the Toltec land; and his subsequent teaching, self-immolation, ascension, and promise of return.


Frank Diaz is an anthropological investigator focusing on shamanic studies, Nahuatl language, and Mesoamerican traditions. His other books include "Quetzalcoatl's Avatars" and "Toltec Wisdom: The Original Teachings of Quetzalcoatl." Born in Cuba, he currently lives in Mexico and teaches classes on Toltec traditions at Cuernavaca University.


"This is a very different book that should be read by any serious shamanic student." --Michael Peter Langevin, Magical Blend, Fall 2002
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