Freshwater Fury: Yarns and Reminiscences of the Greatest Storm in Inland Navigation

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Oktober 1986



Freshwater Fury is the first comprehensive history of the Great Storm.


Frank Barcus was born in 1895 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, within sight of Lake Michigan. In 1898 he moved to Detroit, where he learned to love boats. "As a boy," he says, "I practically lived in a twenty-foot canoe and paddled on all the Great Lakes and their tributaries." Later he rode the long ships on more than two hundred trips to all Lakes ports. Mr. Barcus is a registered architect, a member of the American Institute of Architects and a charter member of the Engineering Society of Detroit. He studied at the University of Michigan, the Beaux Arts Architectural Society of New York, and the Chicago Art Institute. For twenty years he was associated as a designer with Albert Kahn. He was also a Supervising Architect for the Soviet Government, 1930-1931. At present he is on the staff of the Detroit City Plan Commission. For many years, Mr. Barcus has contributed to various historical, civic, and planning journals, and to Michigan Artists Exhibitions and art galleries.
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