Pantagruel: King of the Dipsodes Restored to His Natural State with His Dreadful Deeds and Exploits, Written by the Late M. Alcofr

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November 2003



Francois Rabelais holds a unique place in the history of world literature, and no more so than for his extraordinary satirical entertainment "Gargantua and Pantagruel." Here the first of these volumes is presented in a new and lively translation. "Pantagruel" recounts the life a popular giant. From his portentous birth and colorful childhood, to his visit to Paris and his travels through Utopia, and not withstanding his enormous appetite, Pantagruel's history is told with a breathtaking degree of gaiety and wit. Ingeniously coining new expressions, and with an unashamed obsession with bodily functions, Rabelais blends prose and poetry, the sacred and profound, to offer a heady satire of the religious society of his day. The result is a bawdy and brilliant celebration of life.


Foreword by Paul Bailey; Introduction; Pantagruel; Notes; Biographical note


Physician and humanist Francois Rabelais (c. 1494 - c. 1553) was a leading figure in Renaissance France. Paul Bailey has so far written eight novels, a memoir, a biography and edited several anthologies. He is also a frequent contributor to Radio and TV and works as a critic and reviewer for the Times Literary Supplement and other newspapers.


"'Andrew Brown... creates a wholly credible, modern, reinvigorated Rabelais who still jumps off the page after more than 450 years.' - TLS"
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