Journey to Mount Athos

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April 2009



A Buddhist "Pilgrim's Progress" discussing themes of immortality of the spirit, magic and homosexuality.


Francois Augerias was born in 1925 in Rochester, New York. His father was French; a pianist, his mother a Polish emigree. After his father died he returned to Paris, but spent his adolesence in Perigord, which was to be his refuge during a life of restless wandering. In 1945 he went to Algiers for a year, living with his reclusive uncle, a retired colonel, and in a Trappist monastery. This, and time spent with the monks of Athos, were profound influences on both his writing and his painting, often likened to modern icons. Andre Gide, who knew him, described his writing as a bizarre delight. Augerias died in a hospice at Domme in 1971 aged forty-six.


A Journey to Mount Athos is rich in sensory detail. Andre Gide described Augerias's writing as 'a bizarre delight', and that about sums it up. -- Brandon Robshaw The Independent
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