The Shenandoah Spy

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Historical fact-based fiction about the famous spy who played a key role in Stonewall Jackson's Valley Campaign. This narrative take place between July 1861 and July 1862 and is the first in a series about the Confederate Secret Service and the women who were it's most effective agents. Belle Boyd was the first woman in American History to be formally commissioned an army officer.


"The adventures of Belle Boyd, real-life Civil War scout and spy, come alive in this blend of fact and fiction that takes readers for a ride on the Confederate side. Filled with hatred for the Union after the man she intended to marry is killed, 17-year-old Isabelle "Belle" Boyd quickly finds revenge by shooting the soldier who raids her house and assaults her mother. News of her notorious act quickly spreads from her hometown of Martinsburg, Va., through Rebel and Union camps alike. While caught between forces, Belle nurses the wounded in the local military hospital a vocation that ostracizes her from "polite society" even before she moves on to work as a courier, a scout and ultimately a spy for Turner Ashby of the 7th Virginia Cavalry. Along with her keen mind and a rare courage that leads her across battlefields and on midnight rides, Belle finds a crucial asset in her curvy figure, which beguiles many a soldier and officer into giving away Union plans. The fictional narrative moves swiftly along, following well-established facts about the "War Between the States," and Hamit offers insight into both sides, as well as the perspectives of the African-Americans over whose freedom the war is ostensibly fought. Particularly engaging is Belle's servant, Eliza, who becomes no mean spy in her own right. The author built this compelling tale from what scanty facts exist about the real Belle Boyd, imbuing believability and gravitas to much of what must be only conjecture. The depictions of ragged, oft-drunken units awaiting orders, the frustrations and disloyalties of angry civilians, and the meetings of exhausted officers within hastily erected tents are so credible, readers feel a bit like spies themselves, listening in. Historical fiction at its most enlightening and entertaining; a must-read for American history buffs. " -- Kirkus Indie "Kirkus Media"
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Untertitel: Being the True Life Adventures of Belle Boyd, CSA, the "Confederate Cleopatra". maps. Sprache: Englisch.
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