Global Warming: The Science of Climate Change

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Extremely topical over recent years, global warming has been the subject of a huge and growing amount of literature. Current literature however tends to fall into two camps: that which is highly scientific in nature and inaccessible to the average student, and that which is directed to the "lay" reader and lacks detail required by students. This book successfully bridges this gap, prividing an accessible explanation of the physical mechanisms of global warming--discussed within the wider context of climate change.


FRANCES DRAKE is Senior Lecturer in Climatology and Meteorology at the School of Geography, University of Leeds, UK


Easily readable and represents an ideal textbook and source of reference for all aspects of global warming. Warmly reccomended. johannes Gutenberg : Universitas mainz This book provides competent coverage of an important area and will be particularly useful for those interested in the political and economic angles but needing to acquire knowledge of the scientific background to global warming. Royal Meteorological Society A useful introduction, with an excellent bibliography, to the subject for someone with a high level of interest and some scientific background. Enviromental Politics I found the book to present a wealth of information in a well edited and readable way such that one can use it e.g. for preparing lectures. Meteorologische Zeitschrift, Andreas Hense, Bonn
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