Language Education in the Primary Years

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Juli 2005



This book is intended as a textbook for teacher education in the primary years. Drawing on much recent research into language and literacy, especially Systemic Functional Linguistic theory, it provides basic principles for understanding the teaching of the English language.


Foreword by Michael Halliday; Acknowledgments; Chapter 1 Language and literacy; Chapter 2 Early language learning; Chapter 3 Oral language in schools; Chapter 4 Speech and writing; Chapter 5 Knowledge about language; Chapter 6 Teaching reading; Chapter 7 Teaching spelling; Chapter 8 Visual literacy and learning to read; Chapter 9 Teaching writing: the early years of primary school; Chapter 10 Teaching writing: the upper primary school; Chapter 11 Language and design; Chapter 12 Teaching literature; Chapter 13 Some issues for planning and assessment.


Frances Christie is Emeritus Professor of Language and Literacy Education, University of Melbourne, and Honorary Professor of Education, University of Sydney. She has authored, edited and co-authored a number of books in writing development, discourse analysis and educational linguistics.


"'... this is a text well suited to university students beginning their study of language and literacy education in the primary school. It engages readers in the historical contextualisation of current issues in the field, as well as dealing with the key theoretical and practical professional issues primary teacher education students need to understand. A distinctive strength of this book is its functional sociolinguistic perspective on language and literacy education in the primary years, incorporating systematic, explicit knowledge of language description as a resource for meaning.' - Len Unsworth, Professor in English and Literacies Education, School of Education, University of New England"
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