Between Males

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When you Have It All except true love and cheekbones, you still want more


Fiona Walker, whose novels have been Sunday Times bestsellers, leads the field as the voice of young, media-aware women. She lives in Somerset with her partner and two children plus an assortment of horses and dogs.


'Turn down the lights, get yourself a drink and settle back for a belter of a tale, for this is an author who remembers what so many of the current lot forget: you can't go wrong with a really good plot.' -- The Express 'If you're looking for an un-put-downable holiday read, this is it' -- B 'Pure, gorgeous, expertly constructed escapism.' -- Minx 'Fiona Walker pulls out another blockbusting delight with this sexy and pacy saga of dinner dates and pub meals... From appetiser through to the final nightcap, this is a book to get your teeth into.' -- Coventry Evening Telegraph 'hilarious and raucous. Walker is the voice of young women all around the world' -- Style (S. Africa) 'Every single joyfully sex-packed page is a treat. Brilliant.' -- B
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