Inside Group Work: A Guide to Reflective Practice

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September 2003



Offering a contemporary reflective, context-based approach to group work, this introductory group work textbook is ideal for students in social work, community work, health, and welfare or as a professional reference. Drawing on thought-provoking contributions from experienced group leaders and participants, the book outlines the various ways in which group work can be used. Focusing particularly on psychoeducation groups, psychotherapy groups, mutual aid groups, and social action groups, it explains that the purpose of the group should determine the form it takes. The key facilitation skills of listening, observing, intervening, and responding under pressure are outlined as are the various stages groups go through and the ways in which group facilitators can handle typical problems.


Acknowledgments..1. Introduction..2. Group purpose..3. Theoretical basis of group work..4. Leading..5. Thinking group..6. Thinking group in action..7. Forming a group..8. The life of the group..9. Critical issues..10. Doing 'good' group work..Bibliography..Index


Fiona McDermott is Senior Lecturer in the School of Social Work at the University of Melbourne.


A very practical and accessible book. ...a valuable text not only for new practitioners, for whom it will be an excellent introduction to groupwork theory and practice, but also for experienced practitioners' (GroupworkVol.15 (2))
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