Death of a Salaryman

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September 2009



Fresh, original and subtly funny, this astonishing debut novel brilliantly captures the fast-changing culture of Japan and its surreal underside in this engaging portrait of an ordinary man battling with the contradictory demands of contemporary life.


Born in 1974, Fiona Campbell studied psychology and zoology at Bristol University and UCL. She then moved to Tokyo to work for Unilever, and while she was there she began writing. On her return to the UK, she completed this novel for the Manchester Metropolitan Writing MA, and she currently works as a policy director for environmental campaigns in Liverpool.


"This is an absolutely brilliant first novel" -- Kate Saunders The Times "Fiona Campbell's comic caper is an entertaining overview of Japanese society's collision with the worst excesses of western culture" -- Catherine Taylor Guardian "Kenji is the kind of luckless dreamer it's hard not to root for" -- Hepzibah Anderson Observer "An enjoyably sentimental journey of self-discovery, the novel betrays no hint of dislocation between author and subject matter" Financial Times
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