500 Prayers for Catholic Schools & Parish Youth Groups

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Juli 2004



500 Prayers also contains valuable catechetical material. In the section on the saints, each prayer is preceded by a short biography of the saint. The prayers for the church seasons include brief reflections on the seasons, and in the section on the teachings of Jesus, the passage from Scripture (or a paraphrase) is provided. The final section of the book is a collection of favorite prayers, both traditional (such as the Way of the Cross) and contemporary (such as Mother Teresa's prayer). 500 Prayers for Catholic Schools and Parish Youth Groups is a treasure chest for teachers, principals, DREs, catechists and indeed, for anyone who leads a group in prayer.


Both Filomena and Peter Tassi are chaplains at St. Mary's High School in Hamilton, Ontario. Filomena is married and has two children. Peter, a published author, playwright, and feature film writer, is the father of three children

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