Mermaid Mambo

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What do you get when you pull together a senior citizen / wild woman, a perennially dumped romance writer, and a secretive cab driver and put them in a taxi on the road to Weeki Wachee? One riotous ride. Dumped, duped, and depressed, Joni Herrschwitz has just about given up when a serendipitous meeting with brazen, 78-year-old former professional mermaid Ruby Witherspoon puts Joni on a wild, life-altering road trip in a yellow cab headed south. From New York to Florida, Ruby, Joni, and their cab driver, the mysterious Maria Munoz, stop at every tacky, kitschy tourist trap along the way. Their destination--Weeki Wachee, Florida's fading attraction where mermaids have performed for more than sixty years. When Ruby neglects to inform her stick-in-the-mud daughters of her plan, they send out an alert, and to their chagrin, the entire country gets involved in the search. And when a New York shock jock starts to tango with Ruby on the radio, things get chaotic--and dangerous. The road to Weeki Wache is lined with adventure and life. Just open your eyes and swim along for the ride.

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