Great Answers to Difficult Questions about Divorce: What Children Need to Know

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Juni 2008



The author covers all the common questions that children ask about divorce and provides sensitive, candid answers in a way that children will be able to understand and relate to. Each chapter is devoted to a particular issue, such as why parents separate, what will happen during and after the divorce, and who the child is going to live with.


Contents: Preface.
1. Why are my parents separating?
2. What happens now?
3. They never agree and they're always arguing!
4. I'm going to Dad's/Mom's now!
5. What if we all live too far away from each other?
6. Things aren't easy for me right now!
7. What will happen next?
8. Common mistakes and complications
9. Things are better now!
Appendix 1: A checklist for children.
Appendix 2: Parental behavior and the law.
Appendix 3: Useful websites.


Fanny Cohen Herlem is a child psychiatrist and medical director of the adoption service, Doctors of the World. She has been helping children and their parents in her practice for the past 25 years.
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