Computing Fundamentals: Digital Literacy Edition

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The Basic Computing Skills You Need to Enhance Your Academic Education
Computing Fundamentals provides students with the basic computing skills needed to get the most from their educational endeavors, regardless of field of study. Written by Microsoft Office Master Instructor Faithe Wempen, this detailed resource helps you develop a strong understanding of how computers work and how they affect our society. In addition to helping you master essential computing tasks such as working with operating systems, applications, and the Internet, this book also provides you with all the knowledge you need for computing basics.
* Learn the types of computer hardware and how they work together
* Understand operating systems and application software
* Get a complete introduction to Windows(r) 7
* Learn the basics of Microsoft(r) Office applications
* Understand the essential technologies behind networking, the Internet, and the web
* Learn how to protect your online privacy and security
* Explore legal, ethical, and health issues of computing
Each chapter includes a summary, list of key terms, and sample questions to help you master basic computer skills.


Introduction 1
Part I: Computer Basics and Hardware 9
Chapter 1: Computer Basics 11
Chapter 2: The System Unit 31
Chapter 3: Input, Output, and Storage 49
Part II: Software 85
Chapter 4: Operating System Basics 87
Chapter 5: Introduction to Windows 7 109
Chapter 6: Understanding Application Software 143
Chapter 7: Understanding Microsoft Office 2010 173
Part III: Connectivity and Communication 203
Chapter 8: Networking and Internet Basics 205
Chapter 9: Online Communication 229
Chapter 10: Web Basics 265
Chapter 11: Network and Internet Privacy and Security 293
Chapter 12: Legal, Ethical, Health, and Environmental Issues in Computing 321
Answers to Chapter Questions 343
Glossary 349
Index 369


Faithe Wempen, M.A., is a Microsoft Office Master Instructor and A+ certified computer technician, and the author of more than 120 books on computer hardware and software. An adjunct instructor of Computer Information Technology at Purdue University, she has also written and taught online technology courses that have educated over a quarter of a million students for corporate clients including Hewlett-Packard, CNET, and Sony.
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