The Revolt of the College Intellectual

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November 2007



The exuberant explosions of old college days have traditionally been forgiven as somewhat enviable expressions of the high spirits of exultant youth. Are young intellectuals, now the dominant group in many colleges, less adolescent and more mature, or do their immaturities merely manifest themselves in different ways? As intellectual individualists, students do not usually care for group explosions unless they are for social causes such as the rights of minorities. But their adolescence often manifests itself individually in a superior condescension or in depressive inferiority complexes.


Everett Lee Hunt, who died in 1984, taught at Huron, Swarthmore College, Cornell University, and the Universities of Illinois and Colorado. His writings include studies of Plato, Aristotle, and Matthew Arnold. He was the eighth president of the Eastern Communication Association Committee of Scholars and one of the founders of the field of communication.
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