Chained Eagle: The Heroic Story of the First American Shot Down Over North Vietnam

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A volume in Brassey 's Aviation Classics series


Everett Alvarez, Jr. is president of Conwal, Inc., a defense-related firm. He retired from the Navy as a commander in 1980. He is the recipient of the Silver Star, two Legion of Merit awards, two Bronze Stars, the Distinguished Flying Cross, and two Purple Hearts. Since his release in 1973, he has earned a law degree and was deputy director of the Peace Corps and deputy administrator of the Veterans Administration. He lives In Rockville, Maryland. Anthony S. Pitch is a former writer in the books division of U.S. News and World Report. He is the author of several books, including The burning of Washington: The British Invasion of 1814. He lives in Potomac, Maryland.


"Needs to be read by all who desire to understand the stuff of which heroes are made." - Adm. Elmo R. Zumwalt, Jr., USN (Ret.); "He made better decisions while pinned down flat in his dingy cells in Hanoi than the highly placed Washington officials of those years made in their padded swivel chairs." - Vice Adm. James Stockdale, USN (Ret.), former POW; "More so than many other books on the subject, this book gives the reader a sense of what it means to be imprisoned for a long time." - National Review
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